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Building –up Trusted Protection Network For Business Information.

Founded in 2000, Acer Cyber Security Inc. (ACSI) is a 100% owned subsidiary of Acer. We provide professional digital information management services for businesses. ACSI has been performing services in a global scale for years. With integrated maintenance capabilities of Data Center Hotel, Network, Disaster Recovery and Security Services, ACSI also dedicated to develop all sorts of solutions in response to the growing use of cloud services and big data. ACSI aims to quickly import various products into the market, offer our customer the best suitable solution.
ACSI has dedicated in the cyber security business for years, and become the leader in the industry. Not only we’re capable to construct the complete SOC platform and technology but also is the most experienced SOC service provider with the most operating forces, clients, and covering the most extensive range. ACSI is also granted with ISO 17025 laboratory certification. We are the only one devoted with self-built SOC digital forensic center in the country. With this facility, we are able to monitor unusual security activities through the SOC services beforehand, and cope with forensic services; by enforcing these procedures, we’re able to provide our client a thorough cyber security solution.
Aside of government agencies, ACSI also provides services in various industry, such as the financial securities’ sector, insurances, manufacturing, logistic business also e-commerce companies, and so forth. Currently, the four major categories of ACSI services include security management, security monitoring, security auditing and Information sharing and OT security management service.


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